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Get to know the WCPS team!

Zoë Plant | Associate Therapist

What theory inspires you the most?

Zoë going snowshoeing!
Zoë going snowshoeing!

Mindfulness – this approach offers a way of looking at ourselves that isn’t modeled to us in Western society. It’s not something I was taught as a child, and it’s not something I knew was a tool. To see my emotions, thoughts, and body responses as a window into my present being allows me to see me for me. And allows clients to see themselves as themselves – without judgment, criticism, or the need to do more. Instead, mindfulness approaches allow us to be with ourselves, accept the present moment, and offer ourselves the compassion and understanding out psyches are craving. It also has outside-of-ourselves applications – how we see other people, nature, and decisions. There is a pressure that’s lifted when we approach our experience and existence mindfully. This is an inspiring thing.

In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?

I’m still a sensitive soul who’s fulfilled by being in the presence of others. I love to dance, laugh, and play music loudly–-all parts of life that my childhood-self adored.

When do you feel the most human?

In nature. More specifically, at the top of a mountain on my own. My heart is usually racing and my muscles feel tired. I feel the breeze on my face, smell the fresh air, looking out at the beautiful view. I’m feeling like I’m the only one who gets to witness this beauty, while also knowing that this beauty gets to be shared with all other humans who go up there just like me. There’s a connective feeling, as well as a peaceful solitude.

Arianna Wingfield | Co-Owner, Office Manager

What was the last thing you did that gave you child-like joy?

I am a pretty childish person. I love colouring, dancing, laughing and have a very weird sense of humour. Having a toddler around only encourages these things. Our daughter already has a silly sense of humour. She loves to explore, draw, dance, laugh and makes me remember the wonder and joy in the world. Most recently, we jumped in puddles for a good 45 minutes and I genuinely loved it.

Arianna with her daughter Selah!
Arianna with her daughter Selah!

What's the last thing you did for the first time?

This feels very embarrassing to say but I put oil in the car for the first time a couple weeks ago….

What's your favourite compliment you've ever received?

On a very shallow level, I really love when people tell me I smell good. I have no idea why haha. My favourite compliment was when someone shared that they felt completely themselves around me. I very much value allowing people to actually see and know people for who they are so this meant the world to know.

Sebastian Wingfield | Owner, Lead Therapist

What's a question you wish more people would ask you?

Lately, my favorite question to be asked is: "What is existential analysis?" I really have a deep sense of appreciation for it because it isn't just a theoretical orientation for therapy, it acts as a framework for understanding the world around me. In that way, it literally applies to everything. This has inspired some recent side-projects including, developing a board game about worldview changes; and even helping athletes improve their performance.

Sebastian with his daughter Selah!
Sebastian with his daughter Selah!

In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?

As a kid, I used to have so much appreciation for a movie called The Sandlot, because it was a group of kids who were committed to working hard to make something really fun happen! Growing up, I was always looking for ways to replicate this idea with my friends; and today, I am no different. I feel passionate about bringing people together to intentionally live in community, grow & support each other, and have a lot of fun :)

What is your enneagram type?

For the longest time, I was pretty sure that I was a type 4w3. I could see some features of the Type 3 in me, but really resonated with the language of feeling "unique" or "different" that the Type 4 offered. Later in my life (during a Lifespan Integration training actually), I was encouraged by one of the facilitators to look more carefully at the Type 3. I remember feeling a bit offended actually and thought, "What? You don't know me, how could you say that?" I took another look and immediately realized what she meant. Today, I still very much resonate with the Type 3, although I am still not sure about which subtype I resonate with more... I've definitely got a bit more work to do there :)

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