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Client Policy.  Before scheduling our first session together, I encourage clients to first book a free consultation in order to make sure that this will be the right fit for both of us.  I primarily see clients who reside in British Columbia due to my compliance with BC's Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA); and do not see any clients from Alberta, Ontario, or Quebec, due to their provincial regulatory college for counselling/psychotherapy services.  Clients residing in provinces other than Alberta, Ontario, or Quebec will be taken into consideration depending on their provincial regulatory body for counselling/psychotherapy services.

Online Session Policy.  Being able to offer online sessions makes counselling more accessible to everyone.  While this is important and good, one of the difficulties of online sessions is access to a private and confidential space.  While this is not possible for everyone, I ask that you try your best to: 1) Inform family members, roommates or office colleagues that you are going to be in-session. This way, they know ahead of time to not disturb you.  2) Find a quiet room where you can be alone.  3) Minimize distractions and log out of any open windows, such as email, social media, or any apps that send notifications.  4) Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” or turn off your ringer.


Home Practice Policy.  Given that I offer my in-person sessions in my home, it is important to me to maintain strict boundaries about our time together.  I do not allow clients to wander beyond our designated therapeutic space; and I ask that all clients make their best effort to leave in a timely manner in order to avoid potentially overlapping with other clients.  Furthermore, it is important to note that there are other businesses that bring in other people which operate at the same residence; and these businesses use a security camera to monitor the premises.


Communication Policy.  While I may call you to confirm appointment times, etc., I do not provide my phone number to clients unless of an emergency.  This is my way of maintaining some boundaries to our relationship.  This means that a majority of our communication outside of session will happen through email.  If this is not possible for you, we can make other arrangements.

Social Media Policy.  I utilize social media as an avenue for marketing only.  I do not accept friend requests from current or former clients on my Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other social networking sites.  You are welcome to “follow” my Wingfield Counselling & Psychotherapy Services on Instagram/Facebook, but I will not respond to any Direct Messages or Comments.  This is primarily for the sake of confidentiality and to not blur boundaries in our therapeutic relationship.


Community Policy.  When entering into a therapeutic relationship in a smaller community like Vernon, BC, it is not uncommon for a client and therapist to see each other outside of therapy.  As most clients prefer to have privacy, I let my clients take the lead in any social interactions that happen outside of therapy.  This means that I will not engage with you unless you initiate engagement with me.  If you do not initiate engagement with me, it lets me know that you are uncomfortable with acknowledging our therapeutic relationship in public, which is totally normal and acceptable.

Extended Health Coverage.  Since, I am a master's level clinician and certified under the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), I am one of many therapists who a private insurance provider will possibly cover. However, this is something that you must ask your private insurance provider to be certain of.  I do not provide any type of correspondence with an insurance provider for reasons related to confidentiality.


Included in the Counselling Agreement and Informed Consent form

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