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Meet Our Team

Each of our therapists are registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and each therapist has gone on to complete additional post-graduate training after their Masters education.


Sebastian Wingfield, MA, CCC

Adults, Youth (16+), Couples

Owner, Lead Therapist

CCC# 10006435

I believe that the experiences we have in our inner and outer world teach us something about ourselves and others; and they contribute to the forming of often unconscious patterns in the way we think, feel, and act. These experiences can even be stored in the body/nervous system, otherwise known as trauma. In other words, our experiences help create a “map” that show us how to navigate uncertainty, relationships with others, and relationships with our selves. I believe that people come to therapy when those 'maps' are no longer working and need updating. 

Learn more about Sebastian here.


Arianna Wingfield, BA

Owner, Office/Social Media Manager

I absolutely love being involved in this business because I believe in spaces that are safe and where people can be raw and authentic! I know that in these spaces, healing can happen for people and that is an honour to be a part of. My job is to help create our space look & feel comfortable and safe for you. I also design the art work that we use in the office and on social media.

Learn more about Arianna here.

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