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Counselling Fees

Each of our therapists are registered with either the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) or the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC) and each therapist has gone on to complete additional post-graduate training after their Masters education.

All rates are based on the suggested rates by the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors

Counselling & Psychotherapy

$145 | 50-minute session

$205 | 80-minute session

Group Counselling

$60 | 120-minute session

Prices and times may vary depending on what is being offered. Please see the "Group Counselling" tab for more info


$45 per participant

Prices and times may vary depending on what is being offered. Please see the "Workshops" tab for more info

Coverage Options

We know that counselling therapy can be expensive. That's why we offer different options to make it work for you.

Extended Health Coverage

If you have extended health benefits, you may be eligible to have your sessions covered. Please check with your insurance provider about your benefits. In addition, determine if they cover Canadian Certified Counsellors (CCC) for reimbursement. Each insurance company has different coverages, therefore, you must pay for the session in full before your appointment, and claim the services afterwards (you will be provided a receipt). Visit the "Our Team" page to determine what each therapist's CCC number is.

If your insurance provider does not cover seeing a Canadian Certified Counsellor, you are welcome to use and personalize this sample letter which you may give to your HR/Insurance representative.


In order to be eligible for Health Benefits, according to the FNHA website, individuals must be:

  •  A registered “Indian” as defined by the Indian Act, or the infant of an eligible parent; and

  •  A resident of British Columbia

Individuals are not eligible for Health Benefits if they are already covered by another third-party health insurance provided by the Federal Government or by a First Nations organization as part of a funding agreement.

You can read further about FNHA funding here.


If you have experienced a crime or a sexual assault, you can apply to the  BC Crime Victim Assistance Program  (CVAP) for assistance and get $80 covered per session. CVAP) helps victims and immediate family members deal with the negative effects of violent crime. 

Sliding Scale

Each therapist holds limited spots available for sliding scale options. If finances are a barrier to therapy, talk to your therapist and they will work with you to determine a price that fits with your financial situation. Conditions may apply.


Let's Work Together

Have any questions about making therapy work?

Check out our FAQ page or Book a Free Consultation with us to find out more information!

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