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Arianna Wingfield, BA (She/Her)

Co-Owner, Office Manager




-Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Human Services Certificate

 Trinity Western University


I love being involved in this business because I believe in spaces that are safe and where people can be raw and authentic. I know that in these spaces, healing can happen for people and that is an honour to be a part of. My job is to help make our space look & feel comfortable and safe for you. I also design the art work that we use in the office and on social media. You might also see me in a couple of workshops that we do on Substance Use and Overdose Training. Alongside this job, I work as an overdose prevention coordinator and naloxone administration trainer. If you want more information on those topics, I am happy to chat. Finally, you might see (or hear) me around with our daughter, Selah (our one year old) - she is the real boss of the office! 


My name is Arianna Wingfield! I currently live in Vernon, B.C. with my husband Sebastian & our daughter Selah. I work in the substance use & addictions field as an overdose prevention coordinator and naloxone administration trainer. Outside of work, I love reading, going on adventures, and drinking good coffee! From an early age I became intimately aware of trauma, grief and pain. I was provided with spaces that were safe, understanding and authentic where I could explore my emotions and learn my strength. Although many hardships have presented themselves through my life, I have continued to seek refuge with people and spaces that encourage healing in my life, including counselling. Another one of those spaces has been art. I have found ways to express and heal through the different modes of art. I am excited to be working towards a Masters in Art Therapy so I can provide unique, healing spaces for others! Stay tuned ;) 

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